It’s been just over a month since the November 8th election, and I think it’s time to recap, because there’s so much craziness going on that it’s hard to keep track.

Popular vote

  1. Clinton has now won as many votes as Obama in 2012 so they’ve finally laid the “lack of enthusiasm” argument to rest (or they should). She’s also won more votes than any white man. Ever.
  2. tRump continues to lie about this being a landslide win for him – it’s 11th from the worst Electoral College win in history and his margin of defeat is 5 times worse than any prior president.


  1. tRump supporters say that all of the protesters are being paid by Soros, apparently confusing paid canvassers and fake Craig’s List ads for proof.
  2. tRump supporters are now showing up to these with guns.
  3. Michigan just outlawed these.

tRump’s appointees so far

  1. Are almost unanimously fundamentally unqualified for his or her position
  2. Racists and/or anti-LGBTQ and/or wife-beaters
  3. Want to dismantle the department he or she is actually going to be in charge of
  4. Is more likely than not to have been a large donor to his campaign (it’s called “pay-to-play” and it’s not ok)
  5. Are billionaire after billionaire, which is highly strange given tRump’s criticism of Hillary Clinton’s connection to Goldman Sachs
  6. Includes an unusually high number of generals, suggesting to critics that this is the groundwork for the imposition of a fascist military state


  1. The Committee of Science, Space, and Technology is now tweeting articles denying climate change written by the Neo-Nazi publication Breitbart
  2. U.S. Energy Department (rightly) refused tRump’s request for the names of staff who had attended climate change conferences and now tRump is claiming that the employee who requested this wasn’t directed to do so (as if I believe that)

tRump keeps sending tweets that

  1. Crash the stock market value of companies that piss him off
    1. Boeing – tRump lied about the size of Boeing’s contract and his attack cost the company over a billion dollars
    2. Lockheed Martin – tRump slammed Lockheed Martin’s contract for the F-35
      1. Someone just happened to dump a great deal of Lockheed Martin stock 6 minutes before tRump’s tweet (it’s called “insider trading” and it’s illegal)
      2. Department of Defense felt compelled to reply to tRump’s tweet by reminding the twitter-verse just how important the F-35 to the defense of USA’s allies
  2. Personally attacks individuals who have criticized him, like Chuck Jones, who then receive death threats from tRump supporters
  3. Offend other countries
    1. Japan is pissed that Ivanka was at their meeting
    2. China’s flying nuclear crap in the air because their pissed over the Taiwan call THAT WAS NOT CLEARED WITH THE STATE DEPARTMENT
  4. Lie, lie, lie lie lie
    1. Denying that there was no report of Russian hacking prior to the election: October 7, 2016 report was suppressed by Republican Mitch McConnell
    2. Lying about how he stopped Ford from moving to Mexico
    3. Claiming to have saved 1100 Carrier jobs, when it was really only 730 jobs, and leaving out that it’s going to cost the taxpayers BIGLY
    4. Claiming that he swung a deal with a Japanese company that seems to be the same deal that this company had already announced prior to the election (and one that includes Saudi Arabian investors)
    5. Saying Taiwan called him, when really, the call was set up by his supporters
  5. Attack the media and lay the groundwork for voter and media suppression
    1. Criticizing journalists for not being able to find evidence for the three million illegal voters – evidence that doesn’t exist because the illegal voters don’t exist. The only evidence that we have for voter fraud was perpetrated by tRump supporters. tRump’s lie is obviously
      1. Laying the groundwork for widespread voter suppression, including an expansion of Crosscheck (see below).
      2. Further encouraging tRump’s followers to believe that everyone but him is a liar
    2. Attacking Saturday Night Live’s satires in what’s obviously laying more groundwork for the suppression of media

tRump has acquired the rights to state-run media, thereby facilitating his dissemination of propaganda

tRump is going to stay on with The Apprentice, in case we had any doubt that NBC News was kissing his a—

tRump is skipping intelligence briefings. I mean, yeah, it’s just more proof that he has no intention of doing his job. But honestly, if Pence is really calling the shots, then this is fine (this is good), until hair-trigger tRump turns on Pence too, which is inevitable. Then we’re screwed, because tRump has neither the intelligence nor the fortitude to avoid making stupid, dangerous mistakes.

tRump’s conflicts of interest continue to rage

  1. tRump says that he’s going to make arrangements so that he’s not facing any conflicts of interest, but this is impossible given how wide-ranging his business interests are
  2. His companies are all personally owned—it’s not a corporation. He did this so that he could take personal tax cuts for all of them. Consequently, he CAN’T separate himself from them by Jan 20th. It would take years to do so.
  3. He says that his company won’t make any new deals while he’s in office—but that does nothing to erase the conflicts that already exist by virtue of his ownership.
    1. Some deals that have already been affected: Hotel deal in Argentina (even if it fell through, which I think it did), Ivanka’s deal with Japan
  4. His family is using the presidency to market their portfolio/goods (not that anyone purchasing said items would be guilty of offering what’s tantamount to a bribe)
  5. He owes $713 million to foreign entities. The largest of these debts is to Deutsche Bank which is facing fines that tRump’s going to have to enforce the collection of (as if).
  6. A business partner of tRump has apparently been taken hostage in Turkey, which is demanding that the USA turn over a imam in exchange (though this might be “fake news”)
  7. Every one of tRump’s overseas holdings is going to become a terrorist target—because, come on, how could a terrorist resist?—are we going to go to war because his hotel in X gets bombed?
  8. He’s just sold his companies in Saudi Arabia, which is funny because he criticized the Clinton Foundation for taking money from this country
  9. Don and Eric are supposed to be running the blind trust, which isn’t blind, but they’re currently running interviews for tRump’s administration and sitting in on his meetings with VIPs in tRump Tower.
  10. Apparently, it’s legal for his family to work in his administration if they’re not paid. And Ivanka is in charge of “the woman issue…childcare” (per tRump’s interview last weekend) as well as all liberal issues, like climate change. Because having a daughter listen to us cry is all that really matters.
  11. He still won’t release his tax returns, which would provide damning evidence that he just never pays taxes or that his conflicts of interest are so great that they could never be resolved (even though we already knew that)
  12. Everyone’s making a big deal out of the fact that tRump won’t be taking a salary in office. But you know who else didn’t take a salary? Hitler.

tRump settled a fraud lawsuit that he said that he would never settle and for some reason the judge didn’t make him admit that he was indeed guilty as per normal procedure

tRump continues to hire immigrants at his hotel in Mar-a-Lago (which I’m actually fine, but he’s still a hypocrite)

Ivanka has moved one of her factories from China to Ethiopia because it’s cheaper. None of the tRump companies has been moved back to the USA. His threat of imposing tariffs on overseas products sounds good until you realize how much it’s going to drive up prices.

tRump supporters are taking it upon themselves to go on rampages

  1. Verbally or physically attacking women or ethnic/religious minorities
  2. Taking a gun to a pizza place because they were radicalized online by a nonsensical story pushed by one of tRump’s potential appointees, General Michael Flynn

Mainstream media is

  1. Normalizing racism – publishing CRAZY stories about Neo-Nazis (Alt-Right: Hipsters in disguise?) and KKK members (It’s not only racism)
  2. Still not calling tRump or his supporters out on their lies (not pointing out, for instance, that they’re lying every time they claim that they enjoyed a landslide victory)
  3. Teen Vogue—that’s right, Teen—is apparently the only media outlet really taking names and kicking ass

KKK and NeoNazis are still celebrating tRump’s election as a triumph for white supremacy

People are still trying to push the argument that tRump won because of the economic anxiety of the poor white working class (WWC), when

  1. Whites of all ilks voted for that pig (I think that my personal category, white college-aged women, voted right, but still, something’s gone terribly wrong)
  2. Absolutely everything was better for WWC under Obama
  3. Clinton’s platform was much better than tRump’s for the WWC
  4. Ethnic minorities didn’t fall for the “fake news” the way that whites did
  5. Meaning that whites clearly preferred tRump because he gave them someone to hate
  6. And now racists crawling out of the woodwork
  7. And, what’s really troubling, Democrats are talking about abandoning identity politics, which is crap, because
    1. Without identity politics, every conversation turns into a conversation about white guys and just white guys and what they think and what they want
    2. Republicans won by playing identity politics (they picked white guys)

I always knew that women hated other women (I am a woman, so I know how harsh we are to each other), but I’m sick—just sick—to see the way that white women are pandering to white men for the scraps that they’ll get thrown their way (what’s a bruised eye from your white boyfriend if you can kick a minority in the face, right?)

Progressives are chortling that they “won” because they succeeded in electing tRump, having voted against Clinton in order to “destroy” the DNC so that they could take over in 2020. This means that:

  1. They voted against the most progressive platform – because “progress” of any kind wasn’t progress enough for them.
  2. They voted for someone who’s going to kill the environment, health care, social security, overturn Roe v. Wade, and do every other horrible thing that progressives are supposedly against – he’s going to do things that are going to last for GENERATIONS
  3. I get being pissed over the way that Sanders got screwed. I don’t get supporting tRump—screwing yourself and everyone else—out of revenge. Grow up.

Mike Pence is either still trying or already has succeeded in getting the court to seal his emails – because he’s not a woman and therefore is held to lower standards

Cambridge Analytica (a Kushner-connected outfit) collected personal data on voters and used it to focus election efforts in swing states, leaving me to wonder:

  1. What data?
  2. How did they get it? Was it legally obtained? What efforts are they taking to ensure that it’s not stolen?

Crosscheck – Millions of voter registrations were deleted because matching names were found in multiple state registries (no other identifying information was crosschecked). The measure was clearly targeted at ethnic minorities, who are more likely to have similar names. And it’s in violation of a federal law according to Alycee Hastings (federal judge and newly elected congresswoman), who has called for a congressional investigation and indictments.

New laws requiring IDs to vote discriminated against the elderly and the poor, both of whom lack easy access to the resources required to obtain IDs. WI was under court order to issue voter IDs and STILL wouldn’t comply!!!

Closure of hundreds of polling places discriminated against elderly, poor, and disabled without transportation.

Russia timeline:

  1. tRump’s huge connections to Russia are too vast for me to review, but note:
    1. A February 2014 Fox interview in which tRump said “[The USA is] going to win something later on, and they [Russia] won’t be opposed to what we’re doing.” To my knowledge, he’s never explained what he was talking about. And it’s clear from his behavior during the campaign and since the election that his “USA” doesn’t include minorities or anyone who disagrees with him.
    2. Steve Dworkin has collected much of the evidence for ties between Russia and tRump
  2. GOP has a history of criticizing Obama for not being harsher towards Russia, which makes you think that they’d be PISSED if Russia tried to interfere in an election
  3. Russian propagandists began pushing anti-Clinton propaganda via social media, and Republicans fell for it (analysis has found that Republicans were far more likely to believe and to share “fake news” than Democrats, who were more skilled in recognizing that the stories were unfounded)
  4. FBI did a crap-tastic job of informing the DNC that it had been hacked, and the immediate response of the DNC was a joke
  5. At tRump’s last press conference (in July) he asked Russia to hack Clinton
  6. Also in July, Carter Page, an ex-Trump adviser, met with:
    1. Ivor Diveykin, Russian in charge of collecting intelligence on the USA’s elections and participant in a 2011 oil deal with Rex Tillerson, tRump’s Secretary of State pick
    2. Igor Sechin, former KGB associate of Putin and oil CEO about lifting USA’s sanctions
  7. In August, Ivanka took a vacation with Putin’s girlfriend
  8. Also in August, Paul Manafort left tRump’s campaign
    1. Manafort helped install a Putin-puppet as president of Ukraine
    2. Manafort’s former deputy, Rick Gates, is tRump’s ex-liaison to the RNC (Gates lobbied USA on behalf of Russia, along with Mick McSherry, who was one of tRump’s strategists)
  9. Also in August, WikiLeaks published several emails that had been hacked from the DNC. Afterwards, Roger Stone (on tRump campaign) sent a tweet saying that (Clinton Campaign Chairman) Podesta’s “time in the barrel” was coming.
  10. In September, Republican Congressman Mike McCaul said that the RNC was hacked, and then said that he misspoke and the RNC wasn’t hacked, even though the website that released the Democrats’ emails also released some Republican emails
  11. 4 weeks before the election, Eric tRump was in Paris talking to pro-Russian activists about Syria. I repeat, TALKING TO RUSSIANS ABOUT SYRIA.
  12. In October, WikiLeaks began publishing the so-called Podesta emails
  13. On October 7 – Top Republicans and Democrats were presented with a report indicating that both been hacked. All of the Democrats present in the meeting voted to have the report made public. Republican Mitch McConnell blocked the release, saying that if the report was released, he would accuse the Democrats of making the announcement in order to swing the election in Clinton’s favor.
  14. On October 15 – Roger Stone admits that he has ties to WikiLeaks, which released the Clinton emails that they obtained from the Russian hack of the DNC
  15. A few days before Comey launched his investigation into Clinton’s emails, Guiliani hinted that “something” was going to (how the hell does he know that if there wasn’t an orchestrated effort on the part of the Republicans to collude with the FBI in order to smear Clinton?)
  16. Comey launched an investigation of the Clinton emails exposed by the hack
    1. Emails are shown to have NOTHING actionable
  17. Polls still said Clinton would win despite the fact that there was a sharp drop in Clinton’s numbers in connection to the emails
  18. Election on Nov 8
  19. Obama says that the election machines weren’t hacked, despite the fact that:
    1. They do connect to the internet (in order to download election-related materials)
    2. Mathematical models indicate that it was nearly impossible for tRump to win in FL given how he was lagging in early voting
    3. Exit polls don’t match results
    4. Statistical anomalies in results match a signature routinely left by Russian hackers
    5. Republicans resist demands for hand recounts
  20. NSA (total of 17 intelligence agencies) confirms the fact that Russia interfered in the election
  21. Russians IN F’ING RUSSIA say that they’ve had contact with tRump’s campaign during the ENTIRE campaign
  22. Harry Reid (and everyone with a brain) agrees that Clinton isn’t president BECAUSE of Comey’s actions with regard to the emails
  23. McConnell’s wife is named as Transportation Secretary
  24. Carter Page, an ex-advisor of tRump, is in Moscow bragging about tRump’s win
  25. Guiliani is taken out of the running for a position on the KKKabinet (because he knows too much?)
  26. Alexandr Dugin (Putin associate ) says on Facebook that “Washington is ours”
  27. Obama finally says that he wants a “lessons learned” report on the Russian hacking, as in “this ain’t gonna do crap about saving you from the psychopath who’s just been elected”
  28. Manafort reappears in tRump Tower
  29. tRump lies, denying that the Russian hack was brought up before the election, and his supporters say that the Russian hack is just being trotted out by Democrats as an excuse for Clinton losing
    1. He also says that the CIA isn’t trustworthy, since this is the same CIA that got us into Iraq, even though Bush lied about what the CIA said in order to get us into Iraq
  30. Russia is celebrating the hack and tRump’s victory, and a Russian official basically says “yeah, maybe a Russian government employee did it; good for them”
  31. Congress has closed its investigation on Benghazi, because they accomplished their (obvious) mission of keeping Clinton out of the White House (remember, Benghazi was the fault of Republicans who wouldn’t fund security)
  32. Women and children are being massacred in Aleppo by a Russian-backed dictator. MASSACRED.
  33. tRump’s KKKabinet is stacked with Russo-philes
  34. tRump still won’t release his tax returns, which some are speculating would provide real evidence of his Russian ties (we already know that he owes them billions and there’s a pesky server in a Russian bank)
  35. Some Electoral College members and Clinton’s campaign have requested that the Electoral College receive a report on the hacking prior to their vote (like it matters)
  36. The lawyer from the movie Woman in Gold has sued to see the search warrant that Comey used to investigate the Clinton emails.
  37. And as of the day that this blog’s being posted, several key members of the GOP who were previously so intent upon cracking down on Russia are suddenly disinterested in any sort of probe
  38. And I know that this makes me sound like a traitor to my party, but the fact that the Democrats in office aren’t screaming at the top of their lungs (as Republicans would be if the situation was reversed) suggests to me that those Russian hackers have got more dirt on the Democrats than they released. If the silence on the part of Democrats and Republicans has been bought through blackmail, then we’re screwed. Because heaven forbid that someone take the fall and stand up for what’s right. TRAITORS.
  39. And last, but not least, some Americans are actually saying that we deserve this because this is the kind of thing that we do to other countries. Look, I am the first one to criticize my country when it does wrong. But WTF? I mean, really, WTF? If you are an American and you’re saying this, then you’re no better than the nihilistic childlike progressives who voted for tRump not because they liked him, but to screw Clinton. Life sucks. Life is hard. But it takes a special kind of juvenile sado-masochism and ignorance to actually want to live in a fascist state like Russia, where women who peacefully protest are publicly whipped and then jailed for two years and people are executed for being gay. I understand enjoying a movie like The Hunger Games. I don’t get wanting to actually live through it.
  40. NBC News has reported USA officials are confirming that Putin was personally involved with directing how the hacked emails would be used.
  41. HR6447 = the legislation put forward to support a bipartisan investigation into the hacking. Everyone should call their representatives in support of it.

Non-presidential elections

Democrats picked up some seats, but non-presidential Democratic candidates also suffered from the email hacking effort, and may have lost their election bids because of it

On the state-level

  1. Republican-controlled governments are the majority, and they are outlawing protests (Michigan) and otherwise preparing to run roughshod over our rights
    1. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but I’ve heard that this no abortion after 20 weeks law in Ohio applies to non-viable fetuses, which means that you’d have to go full term to deliver, which means risking sepsis and death from complications, not to mention the mental anguish of having to carry a non-viable fetus for another ~20 weeks
    2. Texas is making women bury (and attend funerals for?) the fetuses from miscarriages – words can’t express how cruel this sounds (is the father being forced to do this too?)
    3. Anti-abortion signs are going to start showing up in public bathrooms in Oklahoma, and as worded, the current draft for the sign is directed solely at women, because apparently men have no role whatsoever in this process
  2. Good news = some mayors have said that they’re going to try to continue with their plans to serve as sanctuary cities for refugees and have also said that they won’t let tRump enact his deportation/registry plans (which would be inherently racist, I mean, what are you going to do, walk up to anyone with brown skin and ask to see their papers?), but if these cities lose federal funding as a result of their resistance, what are they going to do?

Recounts in general

Clinton only sent her lawyers to help with the recounts because that’s what normal people do (tRump sent lawyers too, even though he’s pretending he didn’t. And tRump representatives circled the actual recounts like snakes, challenging everything.

MI recount

  1. Disproportionate number of voting booths didn’t work in Detroit, in predominately black areas, on the day of the election (which sounds like discrimination; note too that Manafort focused on MI at the end of the race, as did Cambridge Analytica)
  2. It’s also been speculated that many voters filled out the ballot incorrectly, so that the machines thought that they just skipped selecting a president. This would’ve been caught by a hand recount, which was prevented.
  3. A law (that makes no sense at all) claims that a recount can’t be performed if the number of people who supposedly voted doesn’t match the number of votes, and there are huge discrepancies.
  4. A judge decided that MI couldn’t be recounted at all (because why should democracy prevail?)
  5. And now that it doesn’t matter, there’s going to be an audit of Detroit to determine what went wrong on the day of the election

WI recount

  1. A mathematical error added thousands to tRump’s numbers, and was fixed, which is good, but still leaves us wondering what kind of math error lets something like this happen in the first case?
  2. 19 counties refused to give the re-counters access to the ballots and otherwise obstructed the recount effort, with the collusion of tRump supporters
  3. tRump won the recount

FL recount – I think that there’s still a lawsuit pending, with residents trying to force a recount. As for why the Attorney General wouldn’t support one, recall that Pam Bondi took money from tRump for her campaign, which sounds like corruption.

PA recount – Judge says we can’t have a recount

With NO DIRECTION FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (screw you DNC) ordinary humans are scrambling for solutions, making calls and signing petitions like crazy to:

  1. Demand a new election
  2. Sue states that went to tRump in order to enact the 1 person 1 vote rule
  3. Demand a report on Russia be given to the electors
  4. Make the electors vote for Clinton
  5. Make the electors vote for a Republican other than tRump
  6. (Assuming tRump wins the Electoral College vote,) Convince Congress to challenge the vote in January prior to the inauguration

Electoral College

  1. One elector has quit because his conscience won’t let him vote for tRump as directed and he’s too cowardly to take a stand
  2. Some electors have announced they won’t vote for tRump even though he won the state
  3. Electors in Colorado sued for the right to vote for someone other than tRump even though he won Colorado, tRump filed a motion to stop them, and the judge decided in favor of tRump
  4. tRump has threatened some electorals with political retribution if they don’t vote for him, in violation of two federal laws (18 U.S. Code 872 and 18 U.S. Code 871)

And there’s a black Santa at the Mall of America and racists (who deny that they’re racist) are really angry about it, while at the same time being happy that they can say “Merry Christmas” (because they’re the only ones whose free speech matters). Meanwhile, some mean, mean pastor in Texas is screaming “Santa doesn’t exist” to children waiting in line to see St. Nick. Because things didn’t suck enough already.

The End