Or, the Future as We Know It

When I’m feeling anxious about a given situation, it helps for me to list the worst possible outcomes. Usually, it proves that I’m overestimating the danger.

And I can’t help wondering if I’m overestimating the danger that tRump poses.

The way I see it, the worst case scenario with tRump is:

  1. Suppression of protests:
    • tRump supporters will be planted among protesters to instigate violence
    • Militarized police/National Guard will arrest protesters (Note: Moves are already being made towards outlawing protest)
    • tRump TV will reframe protest as an act of Civil War
    • Martial Law will be imposed
  2. Suppression of media:
    • Journalists don’t need to worry about their 1st Amendment rights being violated. It’s being arrested for espionage and treason that they need to be concerned about.
    • Of course, journalists didn’t exactly prove their usefulness during the election (it took a private citizen to get the FBI’s baseless warrant for the Podesta emails released to the public) but without these journalists, our access to the truth will be that much more precarious
  3. Social Security, Medicare, Veteran Affairs, Obamacare will be done away with, and if they are replaced, it will be with substantially less effective, more costly measures
  4. Taxes on the rich will fall and taxes on the middle class will rise
  5. Poorest members of society will get even poorer (tRump’s Secretary of Labor is distinctly anti-minimum wage)
  6. Women will die because medically-indicated abortions will be outlawed (as they already are in Ohio) and contraception will be prohibitively more expensive (thanks to the repeal of Obamacare)
  7. Price of goods will skyrocket following the proposed 35% tariff on companies who produce goods outside of the USA (which would mean that tRump would be taxing himself and his family’s companies, but never mind)
  8. School systems will crash as we implement a nationwide voucher system intended to shift funds from public schools to private schools that are not held accountable for actually educating children
  9. Homeless numbers will increase as support for affordable housing vanishes
  10. Flint, Michigan’s water crisis will happen over and over and over again as broken oil pipes and fracking poisons the country at large
  11. Florida will sink into ocean from melting ice glaciers (glaciers that the new Secretary of State wants to melt so that he can make money off of an oil deal with Russia)
  12. We won’t have a full-on Muslim registry or a complete deportation of illegal immigrants or a federal ban on head scarves (because I just don’t think that tRump and his minions could pull these things off), but we will see a:
    • Continued escalation of hate crimes
    • Increasing police violence against minorities (the police have already asked tRump to re-legitimize racial profiling)
  13. tRump will renege on his support of the LGBTQ, turning on them just like he’s turned on everyone else, and entities that want to discriminate against the LGBTQ will be given the legal power to do so
  14. Cases to dismantle GOP-favored gerrymandering and Crosscheck programs will reach the Supreme Court, which will be dominated by tRump’s picks, and of course it will decide that it’s perfectly fine to suppress the majority by granting the legality of fundamentally un-Constitutional measures
  15. By 2018/2020, people will be able to tell that things have changed for the worse IN THEIR OWN LIVES. If there is a fair and honest election, every single Republican will be voted out of office, even with gerrymandering, Crosscheck programs, and Russian trolls pushing propaganda. So:
    • Law enforcement officials will just start arresting Democrat candidates on the basis of fake evidence that will no doubt be provided by the Russians
    • tRump will declare a state of emergency and will suspend elections
    • Russia will manage to hack the voting booths for real this time (assuming that they didn’t last time, which I kind of doubt), and the GOP will probably just hand over the specs
  16. tRump will have achieved his goal of returning the USA to a medieval feudal state so that he can live as a lord (Note this comment by tRump from a February 2014 interview with Fox: “‘You know what solves it?’ he said of America’s sorry state. ‘When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell and everything is a disaster. Then you’ll have a [chuckles], you know, you’ll have riots to go back to where we used to be when we were great.’”)
  17. Putin will invade Europe (as he’s already preparing to do) and USA will be dragged in as his ally.
  18. The End: America will become the Nazi homeland

Best case scenario:

  1. Democrats get a majority in Congress in 2018 and impeach tRump (he’s inherently impeachable and always will be)
  2. Pence will be president, and he will start a war (if tRump hasn’t already) on tRumped up charges (like Bush with the nonexistent WMDs in Iraq)
  3. And then Pence will be reelected in 2020 because this is a country that stupidly thinks that voting a new president into office during a war implies a lack of patriotism

And that’s that.

With one election, we may very well have turned ourselves into the kind of fundamentalist, theocratic, fascist state that all of these Islamophobes supposedly hate.

I keep hearing people say “Don’t worry. Pence is really running things.” As if tRump is just a figurehead, so I don’t need to be concerned that he’s going to have the nuclear launch codes.

Here’s the problem with that: tRump turns on people. He will turn on Pence so fast and so viciously that we won’t see it coming. And it’ll work because tRump IS the f’ing president. He doesn’t actually need Pence. And there’s nothing that Pence, the KKKabinet, Congress, we, the morons who voted tRump into office, or all of the apathetic non-voters can do about that.

And the Republicans will never impeach tRump. The KKKabinet will never invoke the 25th Amendment and cut short his “reign,” despite the fact that he’s obviously impaired by dementia and/or malignant narcissistic personality disorder. The GOP is being blackmailed by Russia (who has hacked all of their dirty secrets) and they’re afraid of alienating tRump’s fanatical followers.

The only scenario that might—just might—have the Republicans/KKKabinet taking action against tRump would involve him deciding to nuke California. (Sorry guys, but you know he wants to.)

In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in 2018/2020, Democrats run on a platform of impeaching tRump, and win, but then do nothing of the sort, rolling over then just like they’re rolling over now, either because they’re being blackmailed or they’re being bribed, or just because they’re no damn good.

Am I being extreme? No, I’ve just spelled out all of the promises that tRump and the GOP have made. I’ve pointed out all of the implications of the disgusting, weak-willed, and inept behavior of journalists and Democrats. If that’s not clear to you, you haven’t been paying attention.

And quite frankly, I can’t understand how anyone could accuse me of extremism, of caring too much. If anyone’s guilty of foolishness, it’s all of the people who didn’t vote, the apathetic half of this country. I don’t understand people who think it’s uncouth to talk about politics on Facebook. Who are fine posting pictures of their cats and the dessert they’re being served at some fancy restaurants, but seem to think it’s “vulgar” to bring up the fact that swastikas are going up in classrooms and women are having their head scarves ripped off.

Apathy like this makes me think that even if my worst case scenario doesn’t come true, we’re still screwed, because “good” people have stopped giving a damn about their fellow human beings. And there’s nothing humane about that.