Saturday, February 10 am to noon – in the Rutland Library (please note that this is a correction – the previous newsletter indicated that the meeting would start at 11)

Proposed Agenda:

  • Postcard writing party to Paul Ryan

Afterwards, I believe some of us are going to the park at the intersection of Rte 7/4 to hold signs educating the public on the ACA.



  • WED (2/8):

Join Live Webinar discussing Climate with Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 7 pm from your personal computer.  All you need to do is register and you can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.   To register:

Join Justice for All for Fair and Impartial Policing (FIP) Testimony (9am-11:30 am, State House Room 11) If you can’t make it, send a note to the House Judiciary Committee expressing your support for full implementation of the FIP Policy, FIP Training and expansion of model implicit bias policy and training and data race collection. Email or call (802) 828-2257.

Press Conference on Public Bank Commission Bill (12-1, Montpelier Statehouse)

  • THUR (2/9):

Vermont Democrats and Rights and Democracy are advertising this event: This Thursday, the House Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs is having a public hearing from 7-9 pm in Room 11 at the State House. They will be listening to testimony from Vermonters about the impact of a higher wage before they vote on the bill in their committee. Our goal is to pack the room with Vermonters who support raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2022 Raise the Wage Speakout (6:30-8:00pm, Montpelier Statehouse Room 11)

Black Lives Matter Weekend Kickoff (9:00am-1:00pm, Montpelier Statehouse)

Racial Justice Reform Omnibus Bill – Coalition Liftoff (9:30pm, Sweet Melissa’s, Montpelier)

  • SAT (2/11)

Grand Opening – BLM VT Community Shop and Safe Space(5:00-8:00pm, 325 Main Street, Suite 4, Winooski)

  • SUN(2/12):

Black Lives Matter Day March and Truth Education Action (2/12, Main St, Winooski, 5:00-7:00pm)



City of Seattle votes to divest from Wells Fargo to protest DAPL  (from

It appears that Trump is backing down on some of his efforts to enforce the travel to the United States from the Middle East  and and

Trump’s government hiring freeze has been lifted from some positions in the VA

GOP (Jason Chaffetz) has withdrawn support for HR 621, which would have sold off public land.  and  (see issue #8 of our first newsletter).

Trump has halted plan to roll-back protections for LGBT federal workers (presumably in acknowledgement of anticipated public backlash)

Boycotts of Trump-related products (for a list of the companies see appear to be behind decisions by Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus to pull Ivanka Trump’s products and

A boycott of Uber in response to 1) what appears to have been an act on the part of Uber to break the taxi cab strike being carried out in protest of the “Muslim Ban” and 2) the Uber CEO’s participation in Trump’s business council appears to be behind the CEO’s decision to leave this council



  1. Last week’s newsletter reported on the dangerous addition of Bannon to the NSC: Senator Leahy has introduced legislation to address this issue: The Strengthening Oversight of National Security Act will amend the National Security Act of 1947 to clarify membership at the senior advisory level of the NSC, ensuring that national security experts are the ones crafting national security policy. It does so by setting out in law limits to membership.
  • The bill amends the National Security Act to specify the composition of the National Security Council. In addition to the current statutorily designated NSC members, the bill adds the Director of National Intelligence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • The bill further establishes that the composition of the cabinet-level interagency forum for policy consideration and decision making to support the NSC will reflect the membership of the NSC with flexibility to add other Senate-confirmed members. Any exceptions must be one-time actions and notified to Congress within 24 hours.
  • Action: Call Senator Sanders Local office 802-862-0697 to ask him to support this legislation
  • Action: Contact the Senate Committee on Homeland Security to protest Bannon’s appointment or (202) 224-4751


  1. Last week’s newsletter discussed Trump’s plans to move forward on the Dakota Access/Keystone XL pipelines


  1. Last week’s newsletter discussed the ban on travel from certain Middle Eastern countries and a failure on the part of officials to obey federal court orders temporarily halting the ban:


  1. Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.


  1. Last week’s newsletter reported that the House voted to permanently ban taxpayer funded abortion


  1. Trump is considering more strategies for implementing mass deportations
  • Action: Petition to protect child immigrants, DACA
  • Action: Contact Governor Phil Scott 802 828-3333 or
    • Script: Please join local officials around the country in declaring that local police forces will not be used to round up illegal immigrants for deportation. Using our local police force to target immigrants makes Vermont less safe: Not only does it waste resources that should be used elsewhere, but it also discourages potential targets from reporting crime to the authorities. Moreover, the racial profiling that would probably be employed in order to carry out a deportation project is discriminatory and illegal. Please stand against discrimination.


  1. The House voted against SEC regulation of US, foreign companies involved in oil, gas, mineral extraction. This regulation required “extractive industry corporations, like oil, gas and mining companies to disclose payments they make to foreign governments for access to natural resources.”
  • Senator Leahy condemned the vote against the regulation which protected “Investors And The Public By Increasing Transparency To Discourage Massive Payments By Oil Companies And Others To Corrupt Foreign Kleptocrats…to permit oil, gas, and mining companies to continue making secret payments – involving billions of dollars – to corrupt foreign governments in exchange for access to their countries’ natural resources.”
  • Action: Contact Sanders ( ) and ask him to vote in favor of SEC regulation requiring industry corporations (like oil, gas and mining companies) to disclose payments they make to foreign governments for access to natural resources.


  1. Congress has overturned the Stream Protection Rule, which restricted coal companies from dumping waste in streams “Now, the Bureau of Land Management Methane and Waste Prevention Rule, which would make our air cleaner by requiring oil and gas operators to reduce wasteful pollution, is under attack. Their weapon of choice is the Congressional Review Act (which allows Congress to roll back executive action taken during the past 60 legislative work days if a rule is thought to impose excessive costs, exceeds agency authority or is redundant). The Congressional Review Act erases recently finalized protections with little debate and zero public input.” and and


  1. A bill to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (HR 861) has been introduced in the House
  • Action: Call your Representative (For me, this is Peter Welch local #: 802-652-2450)
    • Script: I am one of the Representative’s constituents and I would like the Representative to vote against the bill to eliminate the EPA. Clean air and water isn’t a partisan issue. Thank you! (from )


  1. Trump continues to attack the media:


  1. Trump has rolled back some of the sanctions on Russia and


  1. House voted to roll back rule intended to block guns from individuals suffering severe mental disabilities


  1. The USDA purged animal welfare information from its website


  1. The first newsletter reported on Cabinet appointments. This spreadsheet tracks the Senators’ votes:
  • Action: Contact Senators to tell them what you think of their votes on the Cabinet   (from Janie Feinberg)


  1. Last week’s newsletter reported on racial profiling and police work. See
  • Action: Send a note to the Vermont House Judiciary Committee expressing your support for full implementation of the Fair and Impartial Policing Policy, FIP Training and expansion of model implicit bias policy and training and data race collection. Email smorse@leg.state.vt.usor call (802) 828-2257.

  1. Thank GOP senators who are doing the right thing (from
  • Thank two GOP senators voting against DeVos (source).
  • Script: Thank you for standing up for quality education in our country by opposing the DeVos appointment. I’m grateful. Name, State
  • Contact: Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) (email and address)
  • Contact: Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) (email and address)


  • Thank Republicans for speaking out against Bannon’s appointment (source).
  • Script: Steven Bannon is bad for our country. Thank you for standing up for reason. Name, State
  • Contact: Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) (address)
  • Contact: Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) (email and address)


  • Thank leaders for standing up equality (source) (source).
  • Script: No matter what happens, history will always show your ruling on the side of justice. Thank you for your work on behalf of all Americans. Name, State
  • Contact: Attorney General Bob Ferguson (email and address)
  • Contact: The Honorable James Robart (email and address)


  • Thank a Republican leader for speaking against djt (source).
  • Script: Thank you for marching with us, and for using your conscience and your voice on behalf of all Americans. I admire your courage. Name, State
  • Contact: Beth Fukumoto (R-HI) (email and address)



Trump has made statements indicating that he wants to reinstate the use of and to reopen “black site” prisons


Trump signed an Executive Order to slash regulations: This order “will require that agencies cut two existing regulations for every new rule introduced and it will set an annual cap on the cost of new regulations. For the rest of fiscal 2017, the cap will require that the cost of any additional regulations be completely offset by undoing existing rules. But, the move does not cover independent agencies that crafted many of the rules required by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the White House said. It also would not apply to rules mandated by statutes…. Certain categories of regulations will be exempt from this new policy, including those dealing with the military and national security.”


Trump has threatened to dismantle the Johnson Amendment, “a 1954 provision that prohibits tax-exempt organizations [churches] from participating in political activities” and



Concerned about the environment:

Concerned about refugees and/or the reimplementation of torture and “black sites”:

Concerned about women’s reproductive rights:  The Arizona-based ACLU is fighting a new law that allows men to block wives’ abortions and family members to sue doctors for performing abortions. They hope to sue before the law goes into effect this summer (source). Make a donation: (from