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If you haven’t done so already, make sure you provide a comment to the EPA by May 15 about why you want to preserve existing EPA regulations protecting the earth and us. Select the blue “Comment Now!” on the top right corner of the page.

“WARNING:  “If you receive an email with an unexpected invitation to open and view a Google Doc, don’t do it. In what appears to be a large-scale phishing attack…[that] if you click on “Open in Docs,” it will spam everyone in your Google contacts, and it may also try to steal your information.”” from


UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                                            


  • Wednesday May 10 Burl Solidarity Singers 7 – 9 pm “Burlington Soliarity Singers has been going strong since 2014, singing and song leading to support grassroots movements (at rallies and protests, organizing meetings, sit ins, direct actions, picket lines, eminent domain hearings, and more).”


  • Saturday May 13 at 10am-noon – TD Bank Rutland protests continue (we’re on the corner, at the apex of the streets – if you’re looking directly at the stand-alone booth or at the side of the building you may not see us)


  • Saturday May 13 2:00-4:00 Women’s March & Protest Songs Workshop Trinity Episcopal Church 85 West Street Rutland VT, suggested $10 donation to benefit Rutland County Women’s Shelter and Network



  • Sunday June 11 LGBTQA+ March on DC – Please let me know if you hear of something local


  • July 1 Rise up 5K – Please let me know if you hear of something local




NEW ITEMS REQUIRING ACTION in no particular order – there are a lot, but that’s because I know that people are interested in different things. Pick the issue that you’re most concerned about, and take action.

1 “The LoveArmy has a Report Alien Encounters campaign, which connects us to the VOICE hotline” mentioned above. (from


2 Governor Phil Scott skipped the People’s Climate March in Montpelier.


3 “The House of Representatives is considering a bill that would dismantle the 2010 Wall Street reform legislation, known as the Dodd-Frank Act. This law created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency committed to protecting consumers and making sure that banks, lenders, and other financial institutions treat you fairly.  Dodd-Frank imposes important rules to rein in the kind of Wall Street speculation that crashed the economy and caused millions of people to lose their jobs, homes, and savings. ” and

  • Action: Contact US House Representative Peter Welch 802-652-2450 Script: I am one of the Congressman’s constituents in Vermont and I am calling to ask him to oppose HR 10, the CHOICE act, which would dismantle the 2010 Wall Street reform legislation. Thank you.


4 Our Congressmen in Vermont have been pushing for the investigation into Russia’s interference in the election, but we need them to keep up the pressure. “Both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees have suffered from a combination of staff shortage, Republican deflection and glacial movement. In another disturbing development, Mary McCord, the woman who has led the Justice Department’s investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia, is leaving and being replaced by former Acting AG Dana Boente (who was willing to defend the Muslim Ban when Sally Yates was fired). In that role, he will oversee the FBI investigation, have responsibility for obtaining FISA warrants, subpoenas and developing cases to prosecute based on the FBI evidence. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation after lying to Congress about his own campaign contacts with the Russian ambassador. Trump was reportedly furious that Sessions recused himself. This turn of events raises serious issues as to whether Sessions will indirectly cripple the investigation even as there is a growing body of evidence of Trump campaign associate contacts with Russian government and intelligence officials and new information on what appears to be a coverup of what then acting AG Sally Yates told the White House about former NSA Michael Flynn. Sessions’ motive to hamper the investigation by replacing career lawyers in charge with Trump loyalists is especially strong since the FBI is investigating his own contacts with the Russian officials. Rod Rosenstein, the Trump nominee recently confirmed Deputy Attorney General will now oversee the overall investigation, make determinations whether or not to prosecute individuals and also the person with the power to appoint a special prosecutor. While he was evasive at his confirmation hearing, Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has said Rosenstein assured him he would appoint a special prosecutor, “if needed.” Given the lack of progress in the Senate and House investigations and the legitimate fear that the Trump administration will try to derail the DOJ/FBI investigation, it is imperative that a special prosecutor be appointed. Americans deserve a thorough investigation they can trust and we may not get it unless we demand it.”

  • Action: Contact your Congressmen
  • Action: Contact Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (202-514-2101) asking for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed.


5 “Yet another Trump disclosure omission:  “Jared Kushner didn’t disclose his business ties with George Soros, Peter Thiel, and Goldman Sachs, or that he owes $1 billion in loans…”* ” (from )


6 A new Executive Order will endanger the division between church and state, and allow churches to participate in political activities


7 Housing Secretary Ben Carson has indicated that is hoping to make public housing as uncomfortable as possible


8 “Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue proclaimed (and has had confirmed) new rules that free public schools from the requirements put in place by the Obamas’ “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.” Perdue wants to “make school meals great again” by allowing schools, starting next year, to discard the calorie, fat, or sodium requirements of the 2010 legislation and ignore its mandate to increase offerings of fruit, whole grains, vegetables, and nonfat milk:” (From


9 Late Night host Stephen Colbert is being investigated for his language regarding Trump.


10 Acts of Gratitude recommended by

  • Thank Sen. Elizabeth Warren for explaining the difference between having personal feelings and legislating religious beliefs. America needs leaders who advocate for democracy. Thank you for showing us how. Address: 317 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
  • Thank Mike Pence for voting to continue support for Planned Parenthood. 70% of American families support and rely on this valuable organization. Address: White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
  • Thank Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) for publicly opposing the revised ACHA plan, that would “severely harm the health and lives” of her constituents. Putting people over party makes a great leader. Address: 4960 SW 72 Avenue Suite 208 Miami, Florida 33155
  • Thank Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) for recognizing that Congress should have the same healthcare options as all other Americans, not special privileges. Proposing legislation that ensures equal treatment is good leadership. Address: 506 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC, 20515
  • Thank Bill Shuster (R-PA), House Transportation Committee Chairman, for holding airlines accountable for their treatment of passengers, insisting on improved systems. Address: T&I Committee, S. House of Representatives, 2251 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
  • Thank Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for publicly condemning the ongoing persecution of gay men in Chechnya, and Russia’s tacit enabling of such abuses. Thank you for speaking up against tyranny and advocating for the voiceless. Address: 284 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510


11 More acts of gratitude – recommended by


12 “In 2015 the internet was classified as a protected utility under the aegis of the FCC; internet providers could no longer block content, slow down traffic, or create “fast lanes” to prioritize websites whose owners pay more. Recently, news reports revealed that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to undo the “utility” classification and end the FCC’s role in protecting internet users; companies would instead be asked to voluntarily police themselves” (  “Changing Net Neutrality could limit the ability of activists to organize and protest:” “No net neutrality means Internet service providers can demand that companies and consumers pay fees for decent connection speeds and push those who can’t pay into Internet “slow lanes.”  “TechCrunch has a very helpful article on how to submit comments to the FCC website: and  or ( if you’d like to steer clear of subscription-based news sources):” (from )


13 “In the past week, several White House meetings have been held to discuss our pulling out of the Paris climate accord:  We must object to any attempt to abandon the U.S. obligation to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025 or to refuse to provide the monies to which this agreement committed us.” (from )


14 “Trump has hired accused sexual assaulter Steven Munoz as Assistance Chief of Visits.” (from )


15 “Trump’s nominee for a key family planning role in the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) is Teresa Manning.  Ms Manning has been outspoken about her anti-contraception views in addition to her anti-choice stance.” (from )


16 “World Beyond and United for Peace and Justice have begun a campaign to encourage us to join New Haven CT, Charlottesville VA, Montgomery County MD, among others, and mobilize to pass local resolutions to stop Trump’s $54 billion increase in military spending.” (from )


17 “While other stores have agreed to stop selling neonicotinoids,  bee-killing pesticides which are also dangerous to humans, Ace Hardware has not.”

  • Action: Call Ace Hardware and ask them to join all of the other major Hardwear chains who have agreed to stop.  Call 1 (888) 827-4223 (then press 9). (from )


18 “Congressional Republicans are trying to undermine crucial protections that safeguard the air we drink, the water we breathe, the food we eat, and help make sure we’re treated fairly at work. and They’ve passed three bills through the House that would leave tens of millions of Americans vulnerable to workplace and environmental disasters, and with all the chaos the Trump administration is causing they haven’t gotten nearly enough coverage. We can stop them in the Senate if our senators know we’re paying attention.”


19 “Julie Kirchner, the former executive director of an anti-immigration hate group (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center: ), is now the ombudsman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. (USCIS).”


20 “After a devastating earthquake in 2010, over 50,000 Haitians who were in the United States at the time were given permission to remain here due to the disastrous conditions in their country. President Trump has indicated that he may not extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians – which would put thousands of people at risk for deportation back to Haiti, where they will almost certainly face poverty, hunger, and illness.” (


21 “Congress wants to allocate 120 million dollars to offset the protection costs for Trump and his family. 60 million of those funds will be allocated to the Secret Service, of which 23 million will be used for outfitting trump tower with equipment including renting space in the building from Trump and for the frequent the Mar-A-Lago weekend trips. The other 60 million is to reimburse NYC and Palm Beach for law enforcement services used to cover these costs. We already pay security costs for the White House and Camp David. We taxpayers can’t afford his lifestyle.”


22 HR 1180, the Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180), has passed the House.  This bill would “strip workers of overtime protections and erode the 40-hour work week. For decades, under the landmark Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) most non-managerial employees have been guaranteed the right to time-and-a-half overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a week. The misnamed ‘Working Families Flexibility Act’ (House: HR 1180; Senate: S 801) would give employers the option of offering these workers paid time off or ‘comp time’ instead of overtime wages if they work over 40 hours. Marketed as a way for workers with families to have more scheduling flexibility, in reality, the bill would give substantial new powers and flexibility to employers, creating gaping opportunities for abuse. While employers could make workers’ schedules even more unpredictable, employees would have no guarantee of being able to actually use their comp time when they need it, even in case of emergencies. Furthermore, as Eileen Applebaum, an economist at the Center for Economic and Policy research writes: “In principle, a worker’s agreement to receive comp time instead of overtime is supposed to be voluntary. But anyone who has worked a $10/hour job understands what it is to get an offer from your employer that you cannot refuse.” While the act theoretically prohibits employers from intimidating, threatening, or coercing workers into a comp time agreement, it provides no funding to the Department of Labor for investigation or enforcement of violations.”


23 “Trump is considering moving Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr. on to a high post at the Department of Homeland Security although Clarke has referred to Black Lives Matters as a terrorist group and has also made anti-Muslim overtures: If his name sounds familiar it might be because of this news story:”

  • Action: Remind Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly that Clarke is not suited to serve in this role: Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC, 20528 (there is not a street address) (from )


24 “Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross made light of the dropping of 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria by saying it was in lieu of “after-dinner entertainment” when Xi visited Trump:”

  • Action: Remind Secretary Ross that bombs are not entertainment: Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20230 (from )


25 “Chief of Staff Reince Priebus put a chill in the air on Sunday morning when he raised the specter again of revisiting libel laws:”

  • Action: Send him a postcard to remind him of how much we value our free press: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20500   (from )


26 “Charmaine Yoest, anti-abortion leader, is Trump’s nominee for a senior Health and Human Services (HHS) [position] under Secretary Tom Price.”





“The Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank known for its attacks on climate science has been trying to influence the teaching of climate science in U.S. public schools and colleges:  Heartland has already sent 200,000 unsolicited copies of its “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” to science teachers and hopes to reach every science teacher in the country before they’re done:  The National Science Teachers Association has alerted its members to the dubious claims Heartland is disseminating– –but we, as parents and educators, need to keep our eyes on this and similar efforts. Let’s make sure our local schools are not using this to develop curriculum.” (from )



Help the only Democratic woman running in a statewide election in 2017.

“A group of designers have come up with a creative way to protest Trump; through a balloon art piece titled “Flying Pigs on Parade,”  in Chicago:  If the project receives full funding and the necessary approval from the city, balloon pigs will be floated in front of the Trump Tower Chicago sign. The designers are asking for help to reach their financial goal. We can learn more, and those of us who are interested can donate, by visiting their site:” (from )

“US border agents are illegally turning away asylum seekers at the border. Help advocate for their legal rights. Donate: To Human Rights First which advocates for the most vulnerable. Read: HRF’s recent report on the treatment of asylum seekers.” (from

“It appears to be a very close race in the June 20th Georgia run-off election with Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and Republican candidate Karen Handel.  It is possible to flip this House seat! Phone banking will resume around the second week of May for everyone. No matter where we live we can sign up for phone banking and to get email updates, visit” (from )

“No matter where we live we have a chance to help in a Georgia election.  Christine Triebsch is the Democratic candidate for the 32nd Senate District special election to be held on May 16. She is a Family Law attorney and her Republican opponent is the President of the medical group founded by HHS Secretary Tom Price. If we can help Christine #Turn32Blue, it will break the Republicans’ Super Majority in the Georgia Senate! Tony the Democrat is running a postcard drive in the hopes that a wave of handwritten postcards to Georgia voters will give Christine the edge.  Here is how we can sign up:  Abby the Address Bot is ready to assign voter addresses to you conveniently and promptly via SMS text messaging. Using your cell phone, simply text the word HELLO to 678-498-5585 and follow Abby’s helpful prompts. Abby can immediately assign 5, 10, or 15 addresses to you making that part of the process quicker. For larger address lists or if you have any questions, contact us directly by email:” (from )

“United to Protect Democracy, a non-profit is suing the Trump administration to protect civil servants from alleged intimidation preventing them from performing their government jobs as Trump’s new appointees take their positions. “The nonprofit wrote in the complaints that its mission “is to protect our democracy from descending into a more autocratic form of  government.”  We can check out this group for updates on their work and progress, or make a donation here:  (from )

Sierra Club’s Student Coalition has launched the “Seize the Grid” campaign, focusing on clean energy. Student leaders can sign up to bring the campaign to their local high schools, colleges and universities:” )

“The Trump budget will create a $75 million funding gap in the United Nations Population Fund.  This funding is critical to ensuring that women around the world are able to receive critical health care, including safe childbirth.”The removal of support, a loss of US$75 million for UNFPA, is a blow to an agency that ensures access to contraception and maternal and child health services, and fights against gender violence, child marriage, and female genital mutilation in more than 150 countries worldwide.”  However, the US is falsely presenting it as a coercive abortion agency.  Let’s tell our legislators that we want this funding to continue.  Let’s also show the world that even if our government does not value the work of the UNPF, we do.  We can donate here:” (from )